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Who We Are

We develop and manufacture “Touch to Test” over-the-counter and point of care diagnostic tests that yield results in minutes. Our patented approach allows for virtually any immunological assay to be accurately performed onsite in one step using a tiny amount of capillary blood or in some cases, saliva. We envision a world where people have greater access to in-home testing with in-home results – in minutes. We are committed to changing healthcare by providing accessible, affordable, and accurate testing for all.

Our Leadership

Todd Grice

VP of Sales

John Miller

Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Jody Berry, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

Kevin Clark

NOWDx Co-founder

Vicki Thompson

Manufacturing Director

Sharon Rabine

Director, Clinical Operations

Michele Roe

Quality Director

Robert Weigle

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Stephen S. Tang, Ph.D., MBA

Board Chairman






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