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How To Use Our Technology

Fingerstick Tests

Perform fingerstick test

Lance fingertip. Touch drop to test. Tap. Set it down. Wait 10 minutes. Visually interpret result.

Saliva Tests

Perform saliva test

Spit into test. Set it down. Wait 15 minutes. Visually interpret result.

Collection Device

Collect sample

Lance fingertip. Touch drop to test. Wait 10 minutes. Separate blood from plasma. Seal test components into pouch.


Digitally read result

Scan test pouch. Insert test into Analyzer. Select ‘Run Test’. View result.
“Love the blood hCG tests for patients”
– Lisa Fonkalsrud
Tulsa Endoscopy Center
“Separating plasma from whole blood in a rapid test cassette is a remarkable technology”
– Alper Sever
Mutlu Medikim
“The ADEXUSDx® COVID-19 Test is easy to set up and easy to use”
– Grant Womack
Medical Arts Pharmacy
“I received excellent service from the NOWDiagnsotics' Customer Care Team”
– Mark Gronberg
AdventHealth Shawnee Mission
“The customer service team gives excellent support and has a quick response time”
– Grant Womack
Medical Arts Pharmacy
“The ADEXUSDx® COVID-19 antibody test is a great way for pharmacists to be involved in the patient’s healthcare plan”
– Julie Stewart