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Funded Research Grants and Contracts

Contract ID: HHSN272201800055C

Contract ID: 75A50120C00156

Clinical Research Projects

NOWDx Syphilis Study

Seeking persons to participate in a clinical study to test the performance of an easy-to-use investigational capillary blood test to aid in the detection of syphilis.

Actively enrolling in: Las Vegas, NV; Tempe, AZ;
Spokane, WA; Miami, FL; West Orange, NJ


• 18-64 years old
• Sexually active
• English or Spanish literate
Duration: < 2 hours
Compensation: $50


NOWDx Strep A Research Study

Seeking persons who have symptoms of strep throat to perform strep tests and donate saliva.

Actively enrolling in: Fayetteville, AR; Pearland, TX;Tampa, FL


• 3-64 years old (parental consent required for participants 3-17)
• Symptomatic for strep throat
• English or Spanish literate
Duration: < 1 hour
Compensation: $50

    All participants will receive compensation for their time.

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