Kevin Clark

NOWDx Co-founder

Kevin Clark is a proven leader with 35+ years’ experience scaling diagnostics companies from inception to lucrative exit on a global scale.  Mr. Clark’s career includes the development of a diagnostics company that he sold to one of the largest life sciences companies in the world.  He then took the company public, managed multinational operations, and brokered mergers and acquisitions, all while developing, manufacturing, and selling products that required FDA approval.  Most recently, Mr. Clark served six years as COO then 6 years as CEO of IVAX Diagnostics and ERBA Diagnostics.  Mr. Clark has successfully ushered 126 products through the FDA approval process.  He has served as Chairman, Executive VP and Founding Member of the Arkansas Biotechnology Association, on the Boards for the University of Arkansas Technology Development Foundation and Arkansas BioVentures.  He now serves on the Board for Biomedical Engineering College and the Entrepreneurial Board for the University of Arkansas Sam Walton College of Business.  Mr. Clark has a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and a Master’s education in Immunology from the University of Arkansas.

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Kevin Clark / NOWDx Co-founder