There is an entire category of diseases called “Neglected Tropical Diseases.”  Why are they called neglected?  Some say they don’t get as much attention from the diagnostics and pharma industries because their largest impact is not on first world countries.  It can be quite challenging to predict an outbreak and they cover a myriad of diseases and conditions.  Because their market size/market potential is unpredictable and sometimes small, many companies don’t devote resources to developing technology to detect and treat these conditions, but there are exceptions.

The Viral Hemorrhagic Fever Consortium is one of those exceptions.  The Consortium is making headway in identifying technologies that have the potential to impact those effected by these diseases.  They state “The Viral Hemorrhagic Fever Consortium is a partnership of research institutes whose mission is to promote global health and safety by creating new products to diagnose, treat and significantly reduce the incidence and mortality rate of viral hemorrhagic fevers.” We’re proud to partner with Zalgen Labs, which is one of the members of the Consortium.  I got a chance to visit their lab in Aurora, Colorado which is located on the Anschutz Medical Campus.

We’re partnering with Zalgen Labs, and we couldn’t be more excited.  They are using our ADEXUSDx rapid testing platform to develop with their Lassa Fever and Ebola assays.  These diseases can have a devastating impact on communities.  Zalgen is in Africa right now, testing these devices.  Previously, testing has largely been limited to clinical chemistry analyzers in a central lab. This can present obvious logistical challenges when some are located hours away from the nearest city.  Read more here.