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The ADEXUSDx® H-FABP Test is an immunoassay used for the qualitative detection of human Heart Fatty Acid Binding Protein in human whole blood, plasma, or serum samples.

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Rapid Fingerstick H-FABP Test

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The ADEXUSDx® H-FABP Test is an immunochromatographic assay used for the qualitative detection of human heart Fatty Acid Binding Protein (H-FABP) above an established cut-off in human whole blood, plasma, or serum samples as an aid for health care professionals in the diagnosis of myocardial damage.  The fatty acid binding proteins (FABPs) are a family of transport proteins for fatty acids and other lipophilic substances such as eicosanoids and retinoids. These proteins are thought to facilitate the transfer of fatty acids between extracellular and intracellular membranes [1]. To date, nine FABP protein-coding genes have been identified in the human genome.  These include liver-FABP, intestine-FABP, heart-FABP, adipocyte-FABP, epidermal-FABP, ileal-FABP, brain-FABP, myelin-FABP, and testis-FABP [1].

H-FABP is one of the most abundant proteins in cardiomyocytes. Upon acute myocardial infarction (AMI) the blood and urine levels of H-FABP rise rapidly within 1-3 hours, reach their peak values at 6 hours, and return to baseline concentration within 24 hours [2]. Characteristics of H-FABP appear to be similar to those of myoglobin. However, H-FABP concentrations are almost 10-fold higher in the heart than in the skeletal muscle. In contrast, myoglobin concentrations are 2-fold lower in cardiac cells than skeletal cells. Thus, the greater cardiospecificity of H-FABP account for its greater value in diagnostics of AMI [2, 3].

Time to Result: 15 minutes
Result Window: 15-30 minutes
Storage Conditions: 4 ℃ – 25℃ (39℉ – 77℉ ) *Tests do not require refrigeration
Operating Temperature: 4 ℃ – 25℃ (39℉ – 77℉ ) *Tests do not require refrigeration
Test Shelf Life: 12 months- expiration dates printed on test pouches
Sample Type(s:): Capillary blood/whole blood/plasma/serum