Blood pregnancy tests are our specialty.  We’re constantly looking for new resources for healthcare professionals and women who seek more information on pregnancy testing.  We’ve come across hundreds of resources, and here are a few that might be lesser known, but contain a great deal of information.  They are a combination of resources that will resonate with nurses, lab techs, doctors and women who need to know more about hCG tests.

The Pregnancy Lab

Ann M. Gronowski, Ph.D. and David G. Grenache, Ph.D. are the stated main authors.  But, you can find other female health experts such as  Robert Nerenz, Ph.D. who also contribute.  The stated goal of this site is:

Dr. Gronowski is a well-known leader in female health and is widely published.  She covered the ADEXUSDx hCG test in one of her posts.  Click here.  She’s also written recently about the proliferation in direct-to-consumer (DTC)) testing.  There is a corresponding study that you can participate in to help learn more about DTC laboratory testing’s impact on healthcare and healthcare costs.

Ayda Blog

Dr. Karen Kohut, MD is a practicing OBGYN.  She writes about everything from thyroid issues to menstruation to progesterone.  One article worth checking out if you’re trying to get pregnant:  Very Faint Positive Pregnancy Test: Is This a Good Sign I’m Pregnant? 

At the Ayda Blog, she has links to resources if you’re preparing for pregnancy, trying to conceive and more information on bleeding, hormones and other issues.

A Pregnancy Blog, as Told by an I&D Nurse

This blog presents one labor and delivery nurse’s perspective and advice on pregnancy.  It’s loaded with articles and resources on pregnancy and parenting.  It covers pregnancy tests to cloth diapers.


It can be overwhelming to sort through all the resources, whether you’re a healthcare professional or a woman trying to conceive.  We hope this post helps show some resources that are off the beaten path.