If we had a nickle for each time someone asked us about Theranos in the beginning…

Over the past couple of years, Theranos has gone from superstar to practical outcast.  Their fall from grace is one of the most well-documented journeys in life sciences startup history.

Although Theranos’ reputation has taken a beating, the mission they set off to achieve is important.  There are numerous companies that share the vision of making care more decentralized and affordable.  Companies like NOW Diagnostics are passionate about putting blood tests and their results as close to the patient as possible.

Recently, “Nanalyze” named us as one of the six blood testing startups that may fill the void Theranos left.  It’s a huge honor for us.  Click here to see the article.

About NOW Diagnostics

NOW Diagnostics Inc., based in Springdale, Ark., is a leader in innovative diagnostics testing. Its ADEXUSDx® product line features a lab at your fingertip, using a single drop of blood to test for a variety of common conditions, illnesses, and diseases with results in a matter of minutes. By eliminating the need to send tests to off-site laboratories, NOW Diagnostics has the potential to decrease the waiting period to determine test results by days. The company’s Springdale, Ark., facility was officially registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in December 2014. The company is currently offering an hCG (pregnancy) test in the United States and Europe as well as three cardiac (heart attack) tests and three toxicology tests in Europe. For more information about NOW Diagnostics, visit www.nowdx.com.


NOW Diagnostics Company Contact
Beth Cobb, COO
Phone: 479-966-4530
Email: beth.cobb@nowdx.com