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NOWDiagnostics | NOWDx is changing how diagnostic health tests are performed. Listen to CEO Kevin Clark talk about how his Springdale, AR is changing how individuals are diagnosed and treated.

NOWDiagnostics Inc. Moves Production from China to United States

NOWDiagnostics Inc. Moves Production from China to United States Quality control and support of Arkansas companies are key for the company...

NOWDiagnostics Inc. Brings a Lab to the Tip of Your Finger

NOWDiagnostics is using quick fingertip-prick blood testing to identify disease, and it’s fully approved.. (A step above Theranos?) A focus on...

NowDiagnostics | 4029 News

Now Diagnostic’s lateral flow assay tests can cut down on wait times for diagnosis of a variety of ailments.

NowDiagnostics – KHBS/KHOG

Springdale, AR company is revolutionizing the detection method of ailments with just one step.

AdexusDx Platform Uses As Little As One Drop of Blood to Diagnose An Infectious Disease

LabMedica covers ZBx Acquisition

By Labmedica International staff writers Posted on 15 Sep 2015 Two North American manufacturers of rapid diagnostic tests are combining in order...

Medical Devices Business Review covers ZBx Acquisition

NOWDiagnostics recently completed its acquisition of ZBx Corporation of Canada, a move that brings the company closer to its vision of...

NOWDiagnostics Inc. Acquires Canada’s ZBx Corporation

NOWDiagnostics Inc. Acquires Canada’s ZBx Corporation Acquisition expected to allow for faster product development of rapid diagnostic tests SPRINGDALE, ARK. (Sept....

NOWDiagnostics Inc. Wins FDA Approval for ADEXUSDx™ hCG Test

The ADEXUSDx hCG Test, NOWDiagnostics’ first FDA-cleared test available in the United States, is an immunoassay used for the qualitative detection...