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We can tell you in a couple of minutes if you are eligible.

We’re conducting a research study in our Springdale office.  The goal of the study is to learn which lancet is the easiest to use.

What Do I Get if I Qualify?

Participants will receive $30 compensation for a one-time visit to our office.  The study is expected to take between 30-60 minutes.

What Should Participants Expect?

Participants will come to our office at 1200 Stewart Place in Springdale, Arkansas.  We’re off Highway 265 across from the hangars at the Springdale Airport.  You’ll complete some paperwork and then you’ll be asked to self-administer a lancet and fill one of our tests.

Keep in mind, we’re not testing for any condition.  We’re simply trying to learn which lancet is the most user-friendly.

How Do I Participate?

Call us at 1-(844)-966-4530 now!  We can tell you in a couple of minutes if you are eligible.

Who Qualifies?

When you call, we’ll make sure:

  1. You’re over 18.
  2. You’ve never self-administered a lancet before. This includes using a lancet on yourself for a blood glucose (diabetes) test.
  3. You’ve never participated in any other study we’ve conducted.
  4. You’re comfortable using a lancet on yourself.
  5. You don’t have a medical condition that you may feel might risk your safety with the study.

Call 1-(844)-966-4530