We were pleased to have Circa reporter Daniel Bean to our facility last month.  We gave him a tour of the facility and he sat down with our CEO for an interview.

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“A small company in Arkansas is working on shrinking an entire blood-testing lab down to the size of a car key — and making it affordable and available over the counter at your local drug store.

NowDiagnostics, a health-tech startup, is already selling its early detection pregnancy test to clinics across the country. It’s also in the process of getting that test — and similar instant-result tests for food allergies, STDs, drugs and infectious diseases — approved for patients to purchase themselves and test at home.

Breaking new ground in diagnostics

At-home blood testing is not exactly new, but the simple type of instant-result (not mail-in-for-results) at-home blood testing that NowDiagnostics has developed is.

“We believe that the advantage of this technology is truly the simplicity of the device, and yet the sensitivity is high enough to give you laboratory-quality results [in 10 minutes],” Kevin Clark, CEO of NowDiagnostics, explained to Circa in an interview about his company’s devices.

-Circa article written by Daniel Bean

Click here to see the full article and watch the video.