History of Home Pregnancy Tests

Home pregnancy tests have come a long way since the 1970’s. Before home pregnancy tests were invented, women trying to conceive would make monthly trips to the doctor’s office. There, your doc would collect a urine sample, send it to the lab, then get back to you in a couple weeks with the results.

If you’re thinking “Women waited weeks for a simple urine test? That’s ridiculous!” Margaret Crane, inventor of the first home pregnancy test thought so, too. She believed:

“A woman should have the right to be the first to know if she was pregnant, and not have to wait weeks for an answer.”
Innovative Technology

Margaret’s at-home urine pregnancy test revolutionized the industry and inspired us here at NOW Diagnostics to do the same. Like Margaret, NOW Diagnostics believe women should have the right to be the  FIRST TO KNOW® . We also believe that as technology continues to improve in healthcare, at-home testing should, too.

Home Blood Pregnancy Test

FIRST TO KNOW®  hit shelves today as the first and only, OTC blood pregnancy test! For the first time in almost 50 years, women have an option other than urine to diagnose pregnancy in the privacy of their home.

How Accurate are Blood Pregnancy Tests?

FIRST TO KNOW® is over 99{2f5276604f3a1e7068efb98114168ce28194f73b7a09f2630b16ba5125f5ed77} accurate. In fact, when a women has a positive urine home pregnancy test, the doctor will confirm pregnancy by doing a blood pregnancy test in office.

How Sensitive are Blood Pregnancy Tests?

On average, blood pregnancy tests can detect hCG levels between 5-10 m/IU. To put this in perspective, the majority of urine pregnancy tests detect hCG levels between 20-25 m/IU.

Interested in learning more? You can read the full press release here.


Note: FIRST TO KNOW® is available for purchase at pharmacy locations throughout Italy. It is not FDA-cleared for OTC sale or at-home use in the U.S. 


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