What Does Healthy Corridors Mean?

“Healthy Corridors” is an initiative from the Urban Land Institute. What is Urban Land Institute and why does it matter?  ULI is a group of real-estate experts and others from a variety of disciplines who want to create vibrant, intentional community development.  Here’s our local ULI Chapter: Northwest Arkansas Chapter.

Fayetteville Arkansas is one of four projects selected nationwide to tackle a particularly challenging area.  Experts and community members work together to provide solutions and suggestions to improve the area.

What Area Are They Trying to Improve?

The stretch of Highway 71B (College Avenue) between Evelyn Hills Shopping Center and MLK.

Why There?

This particular section of town has 20{2f5276604f3a1e7068efb98114168ce28194f73b7a09f2630b16ba5125f5ed77} of all residents within a mile of it and is responsible for more than 10,000 jobs.  There are two medical campuses, a shopping center and plenty of other businesses on this stretch.  The challenge is overcoming negative public perception, lack of pedestrian friendliness and lack of connectivity between neighborhoods.

The Health Opportunity

According to a post by ULI:  “Project leaders believe that framing issues through a health lens will help increase stakeholder buy in, and will ultimately benefit the greater region of Northwest Arkansas. This includes the ability to improve connectivity by capitalizing on the 37-mile Razorback Regional Greenway, which runs parallel to the corridor and connects to every major downtown in Northwest Arkansas.”

What Are the Meeting Details?

ULI is holding a community meeting this Thursday at UAMS.

Click here to see the Facebook Page.

At NOW Diagnostics, we’re thrilled to see these types of partnerships:  NGOs, public and private entities coming together to thoughtfully craft the future.  It’s fitting that the event is at UAMS and is titled “Healthy Corridors.”

Here’s a bit more about the event:

“With support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and the Urban Land Institute (ULI), Northwest Arkansas’ ULI Chapter is joining a national study to transform traditional auto-centric commercial corridors into healthy places to live and work.

ULI Northwest Arkansas chose the section of US 71B from Martin Luther King Jr Blvd to Evelyn Hills Shopping Center in Fayetteville as a representative section for the 71B corridor running north/south through the entire region. The purpose of this grant is to develop recommendations regarding active living, access to healthy food, public safety, economic development, affordable housing, and other key aspects of healthy places that can be replicated throughout the region.

The ULI Northwest Arkansas Healthy Corridors Working Group is collaborating with national experts studying similar corridors in Philadelphia, St. Paul, and Englewood, CO.”

I’ll be there to represent!

Photo credit:  Photo from Bike Fayetteville’s post for Urban Land Institute’s Healthy Corridors Stakeholder Input