What is Health Sciences Entrepreneurship Boot Camp?

UAMS, BioVentures  and The Conductor have combined forces to create a week-long event to help stimulate Arkansas entrepreneurship in health sciences. The event is called the Health Sciences Entrepreneurship Boot Camp and wraps up today at UCA in Conway.  The camp is designed for students and graduates from University of Arkansas programs and seeks to equip them with resources to start their own new business.  The event is filled with speakers from the health sciences field and experts in new ventures such as Jeff Amerine of Startup Junkie Consulting.  The event concludes today with a demo day in which the teams present their new ventures and receive feedback from the mentors.

How Was NOWDX Involved?

Duane Poorman, our Director of Manufacturing and Regulatory Affairs, spoke at the event.  Starting a new health sciences company can be daunting, especially because you are dealing with complex, ever-changing regulatory bodies.   There’s the FDA, which most are familiar with, but there are typically unique governing bodies in each country a company wishes to distribute their products in.  Mr. Poorman shared stories of how NOWDiagnostics has commercialized its products.

How do I Learn More?

We were honored to be a part of this exciting event.   Read more here.