DxALL is a stand-alone universal reader box capable of analyzing both chromatographic and fluorescent rapid tests and is controlled via Bluetooth using any phone/tablet with the DxREADER application available at both Apple and Android stores.  DxALL use a high-performance scientific camera and complex proprietary image processing algorithms making it the most advanced reader device on the market.  Readers and results can be remotely managed online through our cloud-based database services.

Product Specifications

DxALL is a universal, portable stand-alone reader device that connects via Bluetooth to any smartphone, device or PC for operator interface.  DxALL can be adapted and calibrated to any rapid immunoassay to improve consistency, accuracy and traceability of rapid test results.  The mobile app can also be customized to include specified data fields, result output and database storage.  Test results can be managed online using secure database (HIPAA compliant and IEC 62304 system) or custom APIs can be created to integrate with other databases.  DxALL is currently undergoing the CE process and is anticipated to be complete in 2019.  DxALL is currently only available for Research Use Only.

Size / Weight 18x8x8 cm / 0.5 kg
Time to Read <1 min to read, <3 min for full process
Result Output Print, email, store on device, transfer via USB cable or send to databse via WiFi
Storage Conditions Do not store in extreme heat, cold or humidity
Operating Temp 5 to 48 degrees Celsius
Test Types Can accommodate lateral flow and flow-through immunoassays, dip strips, and microfluidic formats.

Readout can be done in chromatographic, fluorescent and chemiluminescent modes.

Test Method

Available upon request


  • OEM branded with your logo
  • Connects via Bluetooth and controlled by any smartphone (both Android & Apple), tablets or PC having the app downloaded
  • Chromatographic, fluorescent or chemiluminescent readout modes
  • Very low inter- and intra-reader coefficients of variation (CV)
  • Stable long-term without need for regular maintenance or servicing
  • Lightweight, portable and durable
  • Intuitive smartphone user interface (can be customized)
  • Cloud-based management of readers, test inventory and test results
  • Can be integrated with EHR/EMR, LIMS and other database systems
Under Development


Available upon request