What is An Infectious Disease?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an infectious disease spreads from one person to another either directly or indirectly. This includes the common cold, the flu, and STDs. Another infectious disease is hemorrhagic fever, defined by WHO as a general term for a severe illness caused by numerous viruses. One of the more recent outbreaks was the Ebola virus.  Diagnosing hemorrhagic fever requires lab testing, but testing can be difficult for remote areas. Because of this difficulty, a rapid diagnostic test for hemorrhagic fever is needed.

NOWDiagnostics and Zalgen Team Up

We teamed up with Zalgen to develop the first hemorrhagic fever diagnostic tests. Using our ADEXUSDx platform, medical personnel are able to diagnose the illness with as little as one drop of blood. To see how the platform works, see the video on our homepage. Later, we plan to develop other infectious disease tests. Our pipeline shows the other products we are considering.

We are honored Clinical Lab Products featured us in an article explaining the new test. Read it here.