NOW Diagnostics™ Lateral Flow DxREADER

The NOW Diagnostics’ lateral flow reader (DxREADER) is the most elegant POC rapid test reader that works equally well in your hands as on the lab bench.  The reader is calibrated to NOW Diagnostics’ ADEXUSDx tests, with test lot calibrations available for download via the cloud.

Product Specifications

DxREADER is a compact, intuitive and portable device for use with NOW Diagnostics rapid lateral flow tests.  When connected to WiFi, DxREADER can receive updates and send results to HIPAA-compliant databases, such as EMR systems.

Size / Weight 16x8x4 cm / 0.3 kg
Time to Read <1 min to read, <3 min for full process
Result Output Print, email, store on device, transfer via USB cable or send to databse via WiFi
Storage Conditions Do not store in extreme heat, cold or humidity; treat as normal cell phone
Operating Temp In accordance with ADEXUSDx test specifications
Calibration Files available for download via WiFi or transferred from PC via USB cable

Test Method

Perform ADEXUSDx lateral flow tests per specific product instructions as usual.  When result is ready to be interpreted, insert the cassette into the reader and following the application prompts to read the test (see resources page for full instructions).  Results can be printed, emailed, stored on the device, transferred to a PC via USB cable or sent wirelessly to a cloud-based, compliant database when connected to WiFi.


  • Very low inter- and intra-reader coefficients of variation (CV)
  • Stable long-term without need for regular maintenance or servicing
  • Lightweight, portable and durable
  • Intuitive smartphone user interface
  • Cloud-based management of readers, test inventory and test results
  • Can be integrated with EHR/EMR and LIMS systems
Under Development


Available upon request