Trade shows can leave you feeling like you were hit by a bus.  There’s something about the expanses of carpet, bright lights, and flashy displays that can really take it out of you.  This week, our team is hitting three trade shows in one week and we’d like to share some tips and tricks for getting through the experience in one piece.

Step One:  Sport the Right Shoes

We average five miles a day when we’re working a show, so leave the pumps for another day.  The sacrifice in style will be well worth the function.  Oh, and never wear new shoes!  Break them in for at least a couple of weeks around the office.


Step Two:  Bring Comfort Items

I started packing in a way that allowed me to bring some essentials that help me sleep:  a pillow, a small fan or noise machine, a robe and light slippers.  Getting a good night’s sleep is often the hardest part of travel, so anything small you can do to maintain your routine will go a long way.

Step Three:  Pack Healthy Snacks

Much of travel fatigue is due to dehydration.  Other than the obvious, like not drinking enough water, the food we choose matters to our hydration.  Many of the shelf stable bars are great on the go, but they tend to be drier and not have much in the way of water or fiber.  I go to the store before leaving town and stock up on apples and other treats with fiber or protein.


Step Four:  Never Underestimate the Power of Caffeine

OK, we’ll temper this by saying to also drink loads of water, but make sure a Starbucks is never too far out of reach.  To save on costs, we’ll pack our travel mugs and bring coffee from our hotel rooms too.

Step Five:  Sit a Spell

Take breaks to sit down.  If only one person is working your booth or table, make sure there’s a chair and an non-obtrusive place to steal away for a few minutes.

OK, so some of these are no-brainers.  We hope at least one of these tips helps with your next trip and stay tuned as we learn more!